2020 FY Results: CHI Plc post N647 million in profit after tax

Consolidated Hallmark Plc released interim results for the full year ended December 2021. reported a Net Premium Income of N6.15 billion for the year ended December 2020. This represents a 12.49% increase from the N5.46 billion reported same period in 2019.

  • Net Premium Income N5.75 billion, +16.2% YoY
  • Net Claims incurred N2.1 billion vs N1.6 billion YoY
  • Underwriting Profit N1.97 billion vs N1.8 billion YoY
  • Profit after tax N647 million vs N600 million YoY +7.8%
  • Earnings per share 7.54kobo vs 8.55 kobo per share. –11.81% YoY.
  • Consolidated Hallmark Plc is yet to publish any detail on proposed dividends.
  • The company share price of 42 kobo as of when the result was released. +31.25% YTD.
  • P/E ratio based on EPS is 5.63X

See link to results

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