Presco Plc announces board meeting, closed period ahead of Q3 2021 results.

Presco Plc has announced that it will be hosting a Board of Directors meeting on Wednesday, 27th of October, 2021.

This is according to a notice signed by the company’s secretary, Patrick Uwadia, and sent to the Nigerian Exchange Limited (NGX).

According to the disclosure, the meeting will avail the board members the opportunity to effect board changes and approve the draft unaudited financial statements of the company for the period ended Thursday, 30th of September, 2021. In addition, the Board will also consider and decide on the proposed payment of interim dividends for the aforementioned period.

Consequently, the company declared that it has commenced a closed period from 1st of October, 2021, in line with the statutory provisions for listed companies on the NGX platform. The closed period will last until 24 hours after the release of the unaudited financial results to the public.

The company also disclosed that its unaudited financial results for the aforementioned period will be uploaded on the website of the NGX on or before Saturday, 30th of October, 2021.

Note that during the closed period, insiders of the company comprising of directors, managers, employees and all their connected persons, are strictly prohibited from transacting in the shares of the company.

To access the notice, click HERE.

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