UACN Plc post 28% decline in 2020 FY post-tax profits

UACN Plc released its 2020 FY results reporting a revenue of N81.59 billion representing a 3.02% increase from the N79.20 billion revenue reported a year earlier.

  • Operating expenses during the year was N13.11 billion in 2020 compared to N13.03 billion in 2019. +0.64% YoY
  • The company reported a profit after tax of N3.86 billion in 2020 compared to N5.35 billion in 2019. –27.82% YoY.
  • It reported an earnings per share of N85 in 2020 compared to N132 earnings per share reported in 2019. –35.61% YoY.
  • No dividend announcement was made in their press release.
  • The company share price of N8.75, down 17.45% YTD.

See link to results.


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