Zenith Bank holds HY 2021 Investors Presentation. 

Zenith Bank Plc held its Half Year (HY) 2021 results presentation to investors and analysts. Below are the facts to the figures; 

  • Interest income declined by 6% YoY due to the prevailing low yield environment which affected yields on some marketable securities. 
  • On the other hand, Interest expense declined by 26% YoY due to rebalancing of deposit mix and the declining yield environment. 
  • Contribution of non-interest income to total revenue increased from 37.3% to 41.0% YoY. This was driven by the growth recorded in fees on electronic products (91%), account maintenance fee (51%) and agency& collection fees (50%). 
  • ROAE declined from 21.5% to 18.8% YoY due to the 15.6% YoY increase in capital base and the slow recovery of the economy. 
  • Cost-to-income ratio increased from 54.4% to 56.1% YoY due to inflationary pressure and regulatory costs. 
  • Capital adequacy and liquidity ratios during the period stood at 22.0% and 69.9% respectively. 
  • Customers’ deposits grew by 8.1% YoY due to increasing confidence in the Zenith brand. The breakdown of the deposit mix showed that demand account contributed the highest (55.2%), followed by Savings (20.4%), Domiciliary (17.5%) and Term (7%) 
  • Gross loans as at the period stood at N2.99trillion. The top four sectors it lent out to are; Upstream Oil and Gas (18.4%), Government (15.9%), General Commerce (13.2%), Other Manufacturing (10.5%).  
  • On the other hand, the sectors that got the least allocation in terms of the disbursement of the gross loans are; Finance and Insurance (0.3%), Education (0.4%), Beverages and Tobacco (2%). 
  • Total customers during the period stood at 13.71 million. (+24.1% YoY). 
  • A total number of 135,463 active POS terminals, 62,341 agents and 2,051 ATM terminals were recorded during the period under review. 
  • In terms of diversity, out of its 7,848 employees, 3936 are female while 3,912 are male employees. 

For more information about the Investors presentation, click HERE. 

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